The New Harmony Inn Resort

Travel Loyalty Program
Stay and Earn

Stay one night and receive one point toward a free night stay and special amenities in room.

After earning Five Points
After earning five points, you’re eligible to book a room of your choice for 1 night FREE!

How Do I qualify?

Your stay must be one of the following*:

  • Best Available Rate
  • Government/Military Rate/1st Responders

*Group discounts, overnight packages, or rooms booked through third party sites such as or Expedia does not qualify for points.

Loyalty Membership Form

Please fill out the information below to join our loyalty program. We use your birthdate to send out a birthday greeting. However, you can leave this part blank if you wish and verbally submit the date to the front desk clerk upon arrival. You can download a PDF hard copy of this form and fill out then mail to:

New Harmony Inn Resort
Loyalty Membership Form
PO Box 581
New Harmony, Indiana 47631