Entertainers and Writers Haven

The writers and performers hideaway

Indiana is one of the best places in the region to visit and appreciate some true, blues and country bands and other entertainment. With music events and festivals nearly every month, the New Harmony Inn Resort has become the ideal place for writers, music enthusiasts, and bands converge for the best hideaway before the big event.

A Musician’s Stress

Being a musician is hard work and can take a significant toll on a person’s health and well-being. All those late night rehearsals, energy draining shows, and tiring travels can make a musician weary. What’s more, settling at a trendy upbeat hotel or inn could turn a night of relaxation into a never ending party with public figures, personalities, and groupies. Now, you wouldn’t want to drain yourself completely before hitting the stage, would you?

It’s ideal to take a well-deserved rest before your big day to make sure you deliver the show of the century. Here at the New Harmony Inn Resort, we provide the best service to guarantee you a peaceful night of rest and relaxation to prepare you for that Evansville music performance.

Rest and Relaxation

Relax in a bubbling hot tub or steaming sauna provided for our Inn guests. Replenish your energy and satisfy your senses with some of the best fine dining in southern Indiana at the Red Geranium Restaurant. Here at the New Harmony Inn Resort, we aim to provide the most relaxing and restful environment, amenities, and services to make sure you feel like a brand new you when you step out on stage.

Enjoy our endless roster of services and features and find out why travel agents and tour managers suggest us to their customers such as The Beach Boys and Willie Nelson. We are the most famous writer’s and musician’s choice when it comes to lodging and hotel services in Indiana.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No more gambling with choosing hotels, motels or inns that you can’t be sure of, no more late nights full of distractions that put your show in danger, and no more restless pre-show hotel check-ins. Enjoy the benefits of a full on, high-end, high quality hotel service guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

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