2014 New Harmony Music Festival Concert

“Sharing life in the presence of music”

July 6-13, 2014

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The New Harmony Music Festival & School celebrates its third season
with a series of concerts, played by our world-class musicians in the historic venues & establishments around New
Harmony, IN. Each concert will feature selections of traditional music from
Ireland, Scotland, the U.S., and Scandinavia, as well as classical & baroque chamber music.

For additional concert details & tickets online, visit the New Harmony
Music Festival & School website: www.newharmonymusicfest.com email: media@newharmonymusicfest.com or
call the box office at 646-456-7762.

Festival Week Schedule

  • Sunday: Student arrivals & dinner
  • Monday: Classes & Festival Jam Session 1
  • Tuesday: Classes, Art Show & Festival Concert 1
  • Wednesday: Classes, Festival Film & Jam Session 2
  • Thursday: Classes & Festival Dance/Concert
  • Friday: Classes, Student Concert & Opening Night Radio Broadcast
  • Saturday: Morning Concert, Closing Concert & Closing Party

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for additional information